Community Service

AMR is committed to helping our community

Donations and volunteering throughout Michigan communities is a very important part of AMR.

Raising thousands of dollars and volunteering hundreds of hours, AMR and its employees are dedicated to making a difference in the world around us.

Companies Feeding Families

On August 21, 2013, American Metal Roofs partnered with Flushing Community Church and the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. They gave away food to over 250 local families in need.

American Metal Roofs in the Community Developed by Frank Farmer, President of American Metal Roofs, in conjunction with Flushing Community Church and the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.

Companies Feeding Families continues to help feed local families with sponsorship from American Metal Roofs and other local companies. DSCN3228


AMR Gives Flint Park Back to Children

COMMUNITY SERVICE 5 American Metal Roofs donated more than $10,000 in materials and labor, rehabilitating the Pierson Place Park located on Industrial Avenue in Flint, on the city’s northeast side. Employees from AMR spent the day working at the park, removing debris and repairing the grounds.  They brought in new equipment for the neighborhood children to play on, including new swings, slides, jungle gym, and a sandbox. They also installed new picnic tables for local residents to enjoy. “Our company has been blessed, and we’ve made it our policy to make a difference in our community by giving back,” said Frank Farmer, president of American Metal Roofs. “The Pierson Place Park project is one way we can contribute to the future viability of the community.” COMMUNITY SERVICE 6


AMR Partners with Wayne County Sheriffs to Help Kids

COMMUNITY SERVICE 10 300 black and brown teddy bears have recently taken up residence at the Wayne County Sheriff’s office – their ultimate destination: the arms of children in crisis. Frank Farmer, President of American Metal Roofs, headquartered in Flint, is behind the donation. “When a child is caught up in a situation that involves the police you just know they’re scared,” said Farmer. “We figure a teddy bear might bring some comfort and help a child cope with difficult circumstances. We just want to bring some level of security and to provide the Wayne County Sheriffs with something they can offer a child who may be scared or upset.”

Haiti Orphanage

American Metal Roofs Partners with Haiti Orphanage

COMMUNITY SERVICE Michigan based American Metal Roofs and its employees answered the request for help from Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage (EGO) in Haiti. The orphanage was in dire need of roof replacement and repairs. EGO has been in operation for 43 years housing 30- 40 children each night. The orphanage provides food, Christian education, and medical care for the children.
COMMUNITY SERVICE 2 “This past summer we sponsored Tara Sabin, the wife of one of our crew leaders, to go to Haiti to help out at the orphanage started by Tara’s Aunt and Uncle, Don and Doris Peavey. The Peavey’s answered God’s call to serve as missionaries in Haiti in 1970. Along with their four children, they moved to Dessalines, Haiti, where they built Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage,” explains Frank Farmer, President of American Metal Roofs.

COMMUNITY SERVICE 3 A crew of carpenters and metal craftsman led by Dan Lane, Vice President, will travel to Haiti to complete the work. Along with completely rebuilding the entire roof system of the kitchen, they will build three shower rooms and complete many miscellaneous building projects.

“Our employees are phenomenal,” says Dan Lane. “Once we decided we wanted to help, the challenge was put before the employees at our Christmas party. Over $10,000 was raised through employee donations and company match.”



American Metal Roofs Gives Away a Metal Roof

COMMUNITY SERVICE 7 72-year-old Bob Pasanen, and his wife Robin, knew their house needed some serious work, but on a fixed income, the needed repairs were just not in their budget. That’s when Bob heard the American Metal Roofs’ contest commercial on the radio. “They said they were looking for the worst asphalt roof in Michigan and I thought mine just might qualify,” said Pasanen.

AMR Donation Provides Bread 4 Life Funding

COMMUNITY SERVICE 8 Because for some children, school lunches are the only meal that they receive all day. Many children go hungry every weekend.

In Flushing, MI, the community of faith stepped in to do something about it. Bread 4 Life provides these children with a bag full of nutritious food to take home every weekend, for the entire school year. Flint based American Metal Roofs provided necessary funding for the Bread 4 Life fundraiser video. The video was written, filmed and produced by Alfred Anderson Marketing. COMMUNITY SERVICE 9 The video was an instrumental part of the fund raising campaign. “We have been a blessed company and are excited to be a part of such an incredible community program,” says Frank Farmer President of American Metal Roofs. Bread 4 Life is a campaign to help eliminate hunger in the Flushing schools in the name of Jesus. Each week, bags are packed with healthy foods for grade school children to take home for the weekend.

More Projects AMR has Supported Over the Years...

• In 2008 American Metal Roofs employees donated over 100 turkey dinners to local food banks. 

• In September, 2012 American Metal Roofs donated a metal roof for a local Eagle Scout project as it has in past years. These roofs are used on park pavilions and other public facilities. 
• AMR assisted the Flushing Christian Outreach Center with the development of a video for fundraising and awareness of the good work done by the center. The FCOC provides food and clothing, as well as informational services.